~ 1938 Chevrolet ~
2-door Sedan Master Deluxe
(Lots of pix ~ go get some coffee while they load up!)

The complete 38 in the hills above San Luis Obispo

We have combined 3 separate cars to come up with an all steel vehicle.  We cut the roof off of one and added it to the body with the least amount of damage (it had been rolled).  Pics show some of the steps involved in the top switch, the independent front suspension conversion, floor/trunk pan replacement, driveline issues, body restoration & paint, interior....  I have seperated this project into several pages as there are MANY pictures....

Current Status:

This car is finally complete and we recently gave it to our customer!  Below are many pictures along the way.  Enjoy the tour! 


As delivered ~ what a mess!  When this thing rolled up, we just shook our heads... It had been rolled so the fenders and roof were toast.  The floor was surprisingly in good shape even though rats had made homes in the frame rails and every nook and cranny!   This car was bought and shipped to us from Idaho.  We did this because the car that our customer brought in had no floor and most of the steel from the rockers up about 6 inches was full of holes...

work begins

Here Jack is beginning the roof cuts and I've got the frame is stripped

Chassis work begins

The roof is off and I am figuring out rear suspension issues.  Note the new cross member & coil caps.

the top goes on

Installing the *new* top.  This roof is actually the ONLY part of the original car that our customer brought in to us that we used on this project.

the floor is out

The floor has been removed and plans are in the works for new pieces from Bitchin' Products to be installed

floor issues complete

Here the new floor has been installed

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