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"The Blob" was designed and painted by Steve on genuine Harley Sheetmetal on duel tanks, softail rear fender and springer front.  It features a Medusa Grey background with 7 different colored speckles and white pearl on top.  The grafik is a watermelon kandy he mixed up with a beautiful blue kandy edge.  The blend results in a nice teal.  A magenta pinstripe and transparent drop shadow finishes it up.  Don't like the colors?  Steve will paint what you want on another set.  Don't have a springer?  He'll duplicate onto a Heritage or whatever.....  This set is a real attention getter.  Very 3-D looking up close or, from across the parking lot.

This beautiful traditional show quality 2-tone Harley Heritage set is available for $3000.  Besides the exquisite finish, it features extensive metalwork and leadwork.  The tail of the front fender is flared out slightly which matches the rear fender better, Jack created "widows peaks" using leadworking techniques on the front of the front and rear of the rear fenders, all rivets have been ground down and welded up, all radius' have been corrected to get rid of that factory blocky look......  The yellow and cream Glasurit paint is accented by a white pearl.  Pinstripes and lettering are buried under clear. This is new factory HD sheetmetal that has never been mounted on a bike.  The paint comes with a lifetime warranty!

If you don't like the colors, send over your sheetmetal and Jack will do the same using the colors that you choose.  Jack will do what you want to your sheetmetal or start from new, eithor way gets you a lifetime warranty on the paint backed by BASF/Glasurit.

Sorry, due to to the rarity of it, The Diamond is not for sale, but the Sportster is.  The blue kandy acts as a back ground for the silver, blue and white flames complemented by a drop shadow and pin stripe.  Jack painted this one and he can duplicate it using the colors YOU choose if you desire.

We have high quality embroidered hats with the Progressive Auto Art logo & "San Luis Obispo, CA" on the front.  On the back it says "Restoration * Street Rods".  The hat is a 1 size fits all, flat forehead style made out of high quality brushed denim.  It is available in eithor of the colors shown for $15.

Please call (805) 541 - 9063 for details of if you want to purchase any of these items