PROGRESSIVE AUTO ART is a BASF Glasurit Certified Refinish Warranty Center.


"The Glasurit Refinish Warranty, backed by BASF throughout North America, takes effect from the date of the execution of the job reported on the Warranty certificate. Warranties are valid for the period specified on the certificate, or as long as the certificate holder owns the warranted vehicle, whichever is less.... Only non-commercial cars, vans and light trucks with original finishes, or previously refinished vehicles that have been stripped to bare metal, are qualified for the written Glasurit Warranty"

The following systems are eligible for the LIFETIME WARRANTY where BASF covers materials and labor on refinishes 100% for the first 5 years and 50% years 6+:

*Glasurit 55 Line, Low VOC Basecoat/Clearcoat System

*Glasurit 54 Line, Basecoat/Clearcoat System

*Glasurit L-90 Waterborne, Basecoat/Clearcoat System

*Glasurit 22 Line, High Solids Urethane System

The following system is eligible for the 5 YEAR WARRANTY (100% years 1-3, 50% years 4-5):

*Glasurit 21 Line, Single-Stage Urethane System

THE WARRANTIES ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE. The complete warranty is available here at our shop for you to read and a written copy will be presented to you upon completion of your job.


An intensive 3 day training course was taken and an in-shop performance audit has been completed. To assure that high standards are maintained, our shop will be audited annually and every third year, we are required to take a 1-day re-certification course to assure proficiency in all of the latest technologies and techniques. The painter training courses cover all Warrantied Glasurit Refinish Systems and a range of topics in each seminar include:

1) SUBSTRATE PREPARATION; for aluminum, steel, fiberglass, plastics and flexible parts

2) GLASURIT SYSTEMS APPLICATION TECHNIQUES; for sealers, primers, basecoat/clearcoat and single-stage topcoats

3) GLASURIT COLOR BLENDING; for more efficient and accurate color matching. Training provides hands-on demonstrations, as well as paint theory and application. Training is done at a regional training center by a certified Glasurit trainer

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