bigr-6.jpg (101417 bytes) Details..

bigr-7.jpg (92006 bytes) various parts to be polished and re-chromed

bigr-8.jpg (81352 bytes)

Some of the old nuts and bolts before getting sent off for re-plate.  We laid everything out, photographed and noted where each and every nut, bolt, washer, spacer etc came from to help us out with the reassembly.

bigr-9.jpg (52280 bytes) bigr-10.jpg (59456 bytes)

The above are the rebuilt, rechromed, replated, refinished, powdercoated parts (except for the tank and sidecovers) waiting assembly.....

bigr-11.jpg (59152 bytes)

Assembly begins!  Lynn Mobley (president of SMOG) did an outstanding job rebuilding the motor and carb.  The frame/swingarm etc are powdercoated.  The seat has new foam and we made a new cover after refinishing the fiberglass base.  New WORKS shocks have been fitted....

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