At PROGRESSIVE AUTO ART,  we have an environmentally friendly state-of-the-art spray booth with a 1.25 million btu heater.  As per the paint manufacturer recommendations, we spray at or around 75 deg and then our bake cycle lasts for 45 min at 140 deg.  This makes for a very durable and long lasting finish.  We are a Certified GLASURIT Refinish Warrany Center which means that we offer a lifetime warranty on labor & paint materials.  The Glasurit Refinishing System is used by the BMW and Mercedes factories on all their cars.  We use GLASURIT paint All pinstripes and graphics are covered with three good clear coats for outstanding durability, protection and a wet looking finish.  After the clear coat is applied and cured, all finishes receive a 3 step color sand and 3 step buff & polish.  This leaves all surfaces with a flat, smooth and wet look by getting rid of "orange peel" that may be present. 

An example of some graphic stripes we have doneSPECIALTY GRAPHICS: We are capable of creating many different special effects to add that certain flare to your project.  Whether it is pinstripes, cartoons, flames or scallops, kandies, pearls, metallics..... we've got it covered.  We can blend, fade, stripe, flame - mild to wild - anything you can dream up.  To us, this is the REAL fun and creative part of our business.

Buffing after painting and wet sandingDETAILING: We can take that old and badly oxidized finish on your vehicle and work a little magic to make it look 100% better.   Our attitude is the same when we detail a car as when we are involved with the most tedious of tasks building a show car.  "If it is worth doing, then is is worth doing RIGHT".  Absolute attention to every detail is what I'm talking about here.  Other services available to our customers include:

red_button.gif (572 bytes) Exterior finish: color sand, buff, polish & wax
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Exterior trim/rubber: clean, polish and condition
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Interior: clean & condition, dash refinishing, repairs..

Stacked flames w/a burnt background A blended & faded bicycle frame we did Some air brushed detail

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