"The Curbfeeler"At PROGRESSIVE AUTO ART, we can build your dream bike for you, or, transform that old and tired cycle into a real eye catcher.  From a simple paint job to a full concours mechanical and cosmetic restoration, we can handle it.  We speak motorcycle-eze here.  In fact, one of the owners roadraces on a regular basis at Willow Springs Raceway.  Some of the services we offer to our customers include:

BULTACO Metralla GTS 250RESTORATIONS:  We offer full cosmetic and mechanical restoration services for your vintage or classic motorcycle.  If you are in need of a full blown concours restoration or simply looking to freshen up the sheetmetal (or glass) of the bike, we have you handled.  We can fully disassemble your bike, send all fasteners out for re-plate, powdercoat the frame & swingarm etc, polish all stainless steel and aluminum parts, rebuild & recover the seat, re-chrome, rebuild or replace shocks (we are a dealer for WORKS PERFORMANCE shocks), spoon on new tires, re-lace & rebuild wheels & hubs, replace bearings (swingarm, wheels & headset) etc.... Motor and carb rebuilds we send out to the most qualified person to do that particular brand etc.  Basically, we are fully capable of complete and meticulous restorations for your bike.

LEADWORK:  Widows' Peaks, Enhanced body lines & Repairs

METAL WORK: This is our real forte'.  We pride ourselves in being able to change or invent anything that you want done using metalworking techniques with only a minimal amount of plastic.  In other words, if we are making a repair, we will pull, pound or cut and replace the metal to as close as to where it needs to be so when the bodywork is complete and the paint is applied, there is a MINIMUM amount of material over the metal.  How about going strutless on that Harley?  We can build struts inside and hidden from view to narrow out that back end and still provide support so your partner can enjoy the ride.    Some more mods that can be easily done include:

red_button.gif (572 bytes) Fender lengthening, flaring, widening and any other mods that you can dream up.
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Grind rivets out and plug weld holes (fender brackets etc). This leaves a smooth surface
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Build hidden struts to support saddle bags, auxiliary lights & seats etc
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Fix incorrect radius' on fender lips, corners & edges 
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Flare and kick out rear (tail) of fenders
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Molding, emblem and light holes filled & finished inside & out       
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Rust Repair, we cut out and fabricate new pieces to STOP the cancer
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Lifetime Refinish Warranty (paint & labor) DETAILS

BODY WORK:  We completely strip off all old paints etc and usually dress up or re-do previous repairs.  We will do as much metalwork as possible to keep the plastic to an absolute minimum.  After any plastic is applied and blocked out, we prime and block it out again followed by finish sanding.   We ALWAYS strive for an absolute flat and ripple free finish so our paint will look it's best.

PAINT:  We use the GLASURIT refinishing system and all other materials we use are catalyzed and fully compatible to each other. We always spray 3 good wet coats of clear as our top coat to ensure that there is ample protection.  All finishes receive a 3 step color sand and 3 step buff & polish to give it a real smooth, deep & WET look.  Any graphics or stripes are buried under the clear coat for better protection and a flat, wet looking finish. You will not feel any variation across the pinstripe lines, just smooth paint!

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