1953 MG "TD" ground up restorationWe can handle the most daunting of tasks, whether you want a complete "ground up" restoration, or a factory or better refinish.  As a Certified GLASURIT Lifetime Refinish Warranty Center, you can feel confident that we can take care of you.  BASF Glasurit is our paint of choice along with (amoung others) the BMW and Mercedez factories.  Besides the work that we do in-house, we also team up with some very competent local interior, mechanical, polishing and powder coating people and therefore are capable of dealing with the complete restoration.  Our 3 levels of restoration are Concours, Show/Driver & Exterior Refinish.  We also offer a consultation service if you are having problems with your project.

1965 T-BirdCONCOURS RESTORATION: This work is reserved for the discerning enthusiast who understands the complexities and costs of such a huge and tedious undertaking.  The body is taken off the frame and all suspension and driveline issues are dealt with.  This means that all componants will be rebuilt, refinished &/or replaced. As far as the body goes, all surfaces will be stripped down to bare metal and great effort will be put into using proper metalworking techniques to straighten panels etc.  In other words, an absolute minimum amount (if any) of filler material will be used to attain an absolute flat surface.  Vehicles that undergo this amount of work will go out into the show circuit and stand proud next the other examples brought forth.  No detail will be overlooked and special care will be given to dealing with not only the "obvious" issues, but the areas hidden and not so accessible.  Our goal will be to satisfy even the most questioning and prying of judges.  All areas on the vehicle will be meticulously and painstakingly brought up as close to the 100 point standard as possible.

1952 ChevySHOW/DRIVER: From the exterior (body & paint), you will not see a difference between concours & driver.  However, on the driver, the areas not readily accessible will be dealt with as to correct any problems but not to the *100 point* standard (engine compartment, under the hood, fender wells, underside of the car..).  The driver is usually but not always stripped down to bare metal on the exterior and the body usually stays on the frame.  This will help keep the overall costs down while still giving our customer a vehicle that he/she will be truly proud to be driving.

1941Delivery TruckEXTERIOR REFINISH: We offer complete factory spec refinishing to the automotive enthusiast who won't settle for the "typical" body shop quality, but doesn't want or can't afford a "show car" finish.  This customer will most likely desire a real nice looking paint job (nothing fancy or wild) on their daily driver and will be less concerned about what the *judges* think.  For our customers who are in need of minor to major collision repairs, we can take care of you.  We are experts at color matching and can blend any color to hide any trace of your unfortunate accident once the bodywork is complete.   Other services include:

red_button.gif (572 bytes) Body: leadwork, metalwork, bodywork, paint, undercoating, texture coating
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Major rust repair: spot blasting, patch panels, floor/trunk pan replacement
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Interior: installation, cleaning and conditioning, brightwork polishing & re-chrome
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Wiring: troubleshooting existing problems, install new harness or make one up 
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Driveline: mechanical rebuilding, ext gasket/seal replacement and refinishing, tune-up
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Chassis: boxing, gussets, fabrication, various upgrades, independent suspension
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Gasket & seal, trim, rubber & glass R&R
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Exterior Detailing: color sand, buff, polish, wax, rubber & vinyl treatment...
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Body panels stripped to bare metal using abrasive & media blasting or chemical means
red_button.gif (572 bytes) Lifetime Refinish Warranty (paint & labor) DETAILS

1960 Chevy Apache 1957 Chevy 356 Porsche
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