1951 Mercury "Lead Sled"

(This project has been on hold for quite some time.  Unfortunately, I have no time frame as to when we are going to start up on it once again)

We are doing all the rough and finish metalwork on this vehicle then applying paint. The owner will fit an OLDS 455 motor and the suspension has been lowered. This will be a special car when it is done! Stay tuned for more pictures as we continue along on this project.

This car was originally chopped incorrectly many years ago. Local metalman Paul Bragg will be put to the task to correct this problem by basically putting on a new roof which will again be chopped.

We have massaged all the dents out of the quarters (no filler has been req'd), hood and inner fender panels. The owner has requested that if any filler has to be used, it must be lead.

The firewall is complete and we were asked to fill in the gas filler panel and door handle/lock openings. The rear bumper panel is smooth now also

You can see by the pictures that there is a fair amount of rust and other damage on the front clip which will need to be addressed along with the rest of the body.

fender details