1959 Carrera Cabriolet

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1-pors4.jpg (5341 bytes)As you already know, Porsche automobiles are classic beauties that have captured the hearts and souls of many automotive enthusiasts around the world.  Whether you are in need of some minor cosmetic repairs, a complete "factory" refinish, or a full blown "concours" restoration.....  We would be delighted to apply our skills to YOUR project.   We at PROGRESSIVE AUTO ART love to work on PORSCHE automobiles as much as you love to drive, collect and show them off! Here are some pictures of vehicles that have been Restored, Repaired &/or Refinished by Progressive Auto Art or by Jack (one of the partners) before we opened up for business. 


1959 CabrioletWe are experts at floor pan, rocker panel & hinge rebuilding for your Porsche.  We also fully understand and are capable of attaining the magical and  consistent 3mm gap on all body panels.  We have even come up with an almost exact reproduction to the "factory" undercoating.  We also understand the need to use "correct" fasteners where and how they were originally used from the factory on your Porsche.

1956 SpeedsterFor those of you needing rust repair on the lower door skin on your 356, Jack has perfected the task of cutting off the lower edge of the door skin, fabricating a new piece and welding it up using a special jig he constructed.  It exactly matches the compound curves to hold panels in alignment so a proper butt joint can be achieved with a minimum of sheetmetal warpage.  The result is a seam that is practically undetectable inside (or out).  Of course, the rust on the inside is treated and the metal is sealed using an Epoxy Primer so it won't return.  To finish off the process, a proper hem flange is rebuilt then the door is painted after the bodywork has been completed leaving a rebuilt and new looking door for your 356 restoration project.

1957 CoupeWhen it comes to bodywork and paint, we are capable of producing award winning finishes on your Porsche.  If it is "Concours" quality that you are after, we will make sure that all areas on your Porsche will be meticulously and painstakingly brought up as close to the 100 point standard as possible.  For example, the back side of your bumpers will look every bit as good as the outside!  No detail will be overlooked.  Vehicles that undergo this amount of work will go out into the show circuit and stand proud next the other examples brought forth.   This "concours" level work is reserved for the discerning enthusiast who understands the complexities and costs of such a huge and tedious undertaking. 


1976 911 (kind of...)If you are involved in an accident and need minor to major body repairs or simply just want to give your Porsche a new paint job, we can take care of you.   We work well with all major Insurance companys.  We can lovingly repair your Porsche so that there will be absolutely NO indication of any prior misfortune.  We are experts at color matching and blending.  Little dings or major panel reconstruction &/or replacement... Handled!  Glass replacement... Handled!  Door gasket and glass seal replacement... Handled!

1987 911If you would like to give your Porsche a new facelift, exterior refinishing is what you need and we can take care of you.  We will remove all trim pieces, bumpers etc and properly make any needed repairs, then prepare the exterior of your Porsche before giving it a fresh paint job.  This type of work is relatively inexpensive and you will love the way your old Porsche looks with new paint!   If you would like to change the color of your Porsche (perhaps back to a factory color?), we can also handle that.  Keep in mind that now we will have to prepare and paint the door jambs, under the hood and engine cover etc so the cost is slightly higher compared to a simple exterior refinish.


1985 CoupeProgressive Auto Art is a Certified GLASURIT Lifetime Refinish Warranty Center <For warranty details, click the link (underlined) to the left>   This means that we offer a written lifetime warranty (paint & materials) on your paint job.  BASF/Glasurit offers and backs up this lifetime warranty good throughout the USA, Canada & Mexico.   Glasurit is the paint of choice used at the Porsche factory and therefore is the perfect choice for your Porsche project. 

Questions?  PLEASE do not hesitate to give us a call M-F 8am - 5pm (805)541-9063

1989 911 Targa 1965 Coupe

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