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This 442 Convertible was completely stripped down to bare metal on the exterior, jambs & firewall.  The underside and topside of the floor pan was sanded down shiney anywhere there was any evidence of rust (This, by the way, is the "right" way to go about restoring a body).

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Here is the right rear fender opening after we have trimmed out a rusted area.   Next step is to sand blast the inside and treat the whole area so that the rust doesn't come back to haunt us or the customer down the road.

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Here you can notice that we had sealed the bare metal after treatment and tacked in place a fabricated patch panel.  It will get welded and dressed all the way around...

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Here you see the same location after the repair was made.  There is hardly a trace that there was ever any problem in the area.  We have metal finished and shaped the contour almost exactly so that only a minimum amount of body filler will have to be used.   Again, this is the RIGHT way to go about this type of repair...

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