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This is under the hood of a Porsche where the battery sits.  Yes, that is the floor of our shop you can see through the pan...

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Here Jack is trimming a patch panel for that Porsche Job.  I have included this photo so you can see how we cover up and protect our customer's vehicle while we are making repairs.  It doesn't take much to ruin an existing finish... It also doesn't take much to exercise precaution eithor.  Better safe than sorry and like I said, I don't like doing jobs twice.

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Here is the completed Porsche job.  We cut out an area larger than the battery, fabricated and welded in a new patch panel and refinished including undercoating. Everything back in place and looking factory fresh.  We also have installed a "no maintenance" type battery so that our customer won't ever have to think about another leaker...

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