Below are some groups of pictures depicting various stages of rust repairs (large and small) we have made in the past.  From a small hole caused by a leaky battery to a complete floor or trunk pan replacement, we can handle it.  Our philsophy is simple when it comes to rust....  If you see any brown or scale ~ BLAST IT!  If you end up with a hole or several ~ CUT IT OUT!  We cut a min of 2" from all sides, look to see what the inside looks like, sometimes cut away more, then get back in there and BLAST IT!  Tha rust has GOT to be gone if you don't want it to return.  Next step is to treat the metal with a rust preventative such as Rust Mort.  Now it is time to fabricate patch panels, weld them in place and seal with Epoxy Primer.  DONE!

When it comes right down to it, you can put a million dollar paint job onto your project, but if you don't COMPLETELY get rid of the rust (cut it out, blast it off or?) and treat all of the surrounding areas, it will eventually make it's way right back up to the surface.  Then you get to pay once more to strip off all the paint, re treat that area then paint not only that area, but the whole panel and more than likely all the adjacent panels (for paint blending).  It can get really expensive to do things twice....  This is why we usually recommend removing all of the trim & glass, stripping down the entire exterior to bare metal and searching out and curing any "problem" areas.  We like to do a job one time, one way, the RIGHT way.

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A real "typical" repair done after the car was completely stripped.  Go HERE for details

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A leaky battery caused this damage.  Go HERE for details

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Too many nights sitting outside in the rain ruined the floor pan.  Go HERE for details