This is a brand new SAAB 95 that was rear ended by a bread truck.   The owner had only driven the car for a few weeks and there were 2200 miles on the odometer.  In other words, it was brand spankin' new.  We wrote up an estimate using a standard collision estimating guide and after approval from the owners and the insurance company, proceeded to make repairs.  Below are some pictures...

saab-1.jpg (211691 bytes)

saab-2.jpg (195774 bytes)

The proceeding pictures don't really look that bad but in reality, there was significant damage.  The Saab is an extremely well built car and we feel that the panels that were damaged in the impact did so in a very controlled manner as designed from the factory.  We were amazed to not find any damage to either quarter panel...

saab-3.jpg (209789 bytes)

This picture shows what panels needed to be cut out and replaced because of the damage.   Notice that we take the time and expense to cover up all areas where we are not going to be working so that there is absolutely no chance of causing any other problems during our repair process.

saab-4.jpg (37736 bytes) img3.gif (1888 bytes)

Here is the car after repairs had been made.  It is a bit hard to see the detail but I think that you get the point... It is clean, looks like new once again and is absolutely ready for the owner to get in and drive home. 

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