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Created: 9/18/01
Update: 1/17/14


NOTE:  This is our initial report after fitting Karl's first production kit into a 750GT back in 2001.  As of November 2013, Karl has retired and Bevel Heaven has officially bought this product from Karl and we have finished production and are ready to ship.  Please click to purchase and see more photos etc THANK YOU

Test Report:

MMS hydraulic clutch conversion kit for bevel drive Ducati twins
By: Ivan Thelin
Photos/install help: Steve Allen

The MMS hydraulic clutch conversion kit is a replacement for the stock clutch lever, cable, and throw-out arm on bevel-drive L-twin Ducati motors. This kit replaces the parts with hydraulic equivalents. The advantages of this conversion are: fewer moving parts, smoother clutch release, much easier lever effort, less maintenance.  The kit shown in the photos is not a prototype but is considered pre-production (as it does not have an MMS logo etched in it).  It is virtually identical to the production units.

This kit included the following parts:

  • CNC milled, black anodized alloy slave cylinder
  • CNC milled alloy piston with square section O-ring and hardened steel insert button
  • Goodridge braided stainless steel hydraulic line with clear vinyl coating
  • Goodridge chromed line fittings (adapter and banjo fitting)
  • Brembo master cylinder assembly w/ polished alloy dogleg lever
  • Stainless steel allen bolt with nylock nut

OPTIONS:  Bleeder banjo bolts, black lever, black or clear line coating, line length

PRICE: $479 (yep, I paid full price... I am not sponsored by MMS).  Quality of all components is excellent. Install was straight forward (but not for the novice mechanic). It took only hand tools (a die grinder would have sped up things).


  • Removing the gas tank and saddle will speed up work but may not be required.
  • You will need to use a few nylon zip straps to tuck the hydraulic line neatly out of the way, and keep it away from hot motor parts.
  • The trickiest part of install was grinding a small notch in an aluminum web on the inside of the gear selector box to clear one corner of the slave cylinder. This is where having a die grinder would have been nice. We used a small, coarse halfround file instead. It took about 15 minutes of careful fitting and filing. This may not be necessary on square case motors.
  • Filling the system with fluid was easiest after routing the line, but before final assembly of the piston. Having two people really helped here, as you will want one person working the lever and filling the reservoir, while a second person assembles the piston assembly down by the RH side of the bike. This person pushes the lightly greased (we used Redline Assembly Lube) piston in carefully, then turns it to allow trapped air bubbles to float back up the line to the reservoir. It's easier than it sounds. We used MOTUL Racing 600 Dot4 brake fluid, but any good hydraulic brake fluid is compatible with this kit.
  • Lastly, it is critical that you follow Karl's setup and adjustment instructions. This includes shimming or adjusting your clutch spring plate and springs for perfect release. The outer plate needs to be perfectly flat when it lifts... that is "true" like a wheel, for a clean release.
  • Everything went slickly, and after about 2 hours it was time for a test ride.

Results: This kit is amazing!!!  The hydraulic clutch really tamed my GT's heavy clutch springs, transforming the pull entirely.  It is much easier.  Not as linear as the cable, the kit gives a bit more of an on-off feeling, which I got used to within a few minutes.  Gear selection seems noticeably easier as well, including locating neutral at a stop.  Looks like I'll be getting a lot more riding pleasure from my little 750 GT from here on out.

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