1928 Ford "go-cart on steroids"

1928 Ford Chassis "T-bucket Roadster"
(sorry, this project has been sold)

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What a COOL ride!

This car is currently registered with California Historic Vehicle plates as a 1928 Ford.  It shows only 7500 miles since completion sometime in the 70's and I get around 14 mpg driving around town.  The orange paint with gold pearl is complemented with gold pinstripes (very cool looking).  It features a full chassis kit of unknown manufacture, small block 350 cid lumpy-cammed Chevolet powerplant, roadster T-bucket body, Mr Gasket chrome side pipes & headers, polished aluminum Edelbrock Performer intake manifold, firewall, air cleaner ass'y valve covers & water pump.  The polished brass radiator, tailights & headlight buckets are hand formed "WELLBAUM" units.  The transmission is a Turbo-350 with a shift kit installed, all of the suspension is chrome along with the oil pan, valve body pan, starter & solenoid. This little street rod also features an electric fuel pump, braided steel radiator hoses with brass ends, billit aluminum pullys, nice paint on the body and frame, pinstripes (body and frame) and a stereo cassette player.  This little toy has 15 X 15 polished aluminum ANSEN SPRINT wheels with a pair of HUGE Mickey Thompsen 29 X 18.5-15 Sportsman tires with plenty of tread left.  Up front there are skinny little spoked motorcycle wheels with brand new tires.  The black fabric interior and the removable top is in excellent shape.  The brass spoked 10" oak steering wheel needed some help after sitting for so long so I "broke" it at the seams, re-glued, stained and re-finished it.  The whole car looks like a million bucks! 
BIG fatty tires out back leave wide darkies on the ground!

Simple but very nice condition fabric and carpet

Check out the gold leaf and pinstriping on the "tailgate"

Polished brass headlight buckets and radiator
Once I got it to my shop, I cleaned it all up, polished the chrome and brass (whew!) buffed and waxed the paint.  I tuned up the Chevy 350 motor, Rochester Quadrajet carb, replaced the air filter and both fuel filters.  Every nut and bolt has been checked and tightened properly.  I replaced the front wheel bearings, trued the front wheels and replaced the front tires (can you see the flames on the tread?).  I lubed the chassis & suspension.  The interior and top was cleaned and treated and a new battery was installed.  Misc. seals and gaskets were replaced, the transmission was serviced.  All electrical connections have been removed, cleaned and connectors sanded to assure good contact.  The alternator checks OK, the tail lights work as running lights and brake lights.  The headlights have functional hi and low beams.  The VDO gauges all work and have back lighting.  Basically, everything is in extremely good working order and nothing is broken, needs to be re-done or "fixed".  This little rod is absolutely stunning!    The motor has very good compression and just flat out hauls ass (pardon my french).  If you like to burn rubber, this will make you giggle off the line.  At 40 mph, you just floor it, drop it down into 2nd gear and off you go with some SERIOUS authority!  Fortunately, the front end work I did tamed this squirly beast and it now easily drives straight and true down the road.  It is now a manageable little "go-cart on steroids" and it still manages to get around 14 mpg around town.

Polished brass tailights and a chromed leaf spring

Here she is above Morro Bay, Ca. USA

Can you say "really big meaty ones"?

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