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Sorry, this project has been sold

This car features a 1930 Ford chassis, 350 cid motor, chrome sidepipes, chrome headlights and radiator, polished aluminum intake manifold, valve covers & Edelbrock carburator, polished aluminum firewall, stereo, cloth interior, braided steel radiator hoses, T-350 transmission...

This rig is all here and complete except for a gas tank cap and air cleaner assembly.  It features a more home made approach (compared to the 1928 Ford that I also have for sale HERE) so a much lower price will be sought compared to the much more refined 1928 car also offered. 

This car is more for the home builder who would like to save a bunch of money now and have a project that can be completed and perfected in his/her garage as he sees fit.  Don't get me wrong, it's not a piece of garbage.... Basicaly the fit and finish is simply nowhere near that of the 1928 car ie., the welds are not as nice, the frame and suspension parts are painted black (no chrome), more corrosion etc on the Aluminum and chrome bits.  It needs cosmetic attention!

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