~ 1938 Chevrolet ~
2-door Sedan Master Deluxe

The complete 38 in the hills above San Luis Obispo

This beautiful "Rest-O-Rod" took nearly 2 years to complete (starting and stopping several times) and represents the last project that myself and my old business partner finished at my previous business, Progressive Auto Art.  I started that business in 1994 and it's focus was to build Street Rods and do Restoration work on cars and bikes.

Current Status:

This car is complete and it was given back to the owner in March, 1999.  Below are some of the pictures along the way.  Enjoy the tour!

We combined 3 separate cars to come up with an all steel vehicle.  We cut the roof off of one and added it to the body with the least amount of damage (it had been rolled).  Pics show some of the steps involved in the top switch, the independent front suspension conversion, driveline issues, body restoration & paint, interior, stereo....  I have seperated this project into 2 pages to try to speed things up a bit....


As delivered ~ what a mess!  When this thing rolled up, we just shook our heads... It had been rolled so the fenders and roof were toast.  The floor was surprisingly in good shape even though rats had made homes in the frame rails and every nook and cranny!   This car was bought and shipped to us from Idaho.  We did this because the car that our customer brought in had no floor and most of the steel from the rockers up about 6 inches was full of holes from rust and bullets...

Chassis work begins

The roof is off and I am figuring out rear suspension issues.  The frame is upside down and the new cross member & coil caps have been welded up already.

checking motor & firewall clearances

The frame and suspension has been welded up and I am making sure that the motor will fit with the stock firewall and new suspension componants.

The Completed Chassis

We put together a Goodwrench 300 Hp 350 and a 700 R-4 trans linked up to a shortened 9" posi rear-end with 350 gears. No expense has been spared with Dennis Enos components, brassworks radiator and H2O pump, HEI distributor, Edelbrock intake and carb, Borgenson intermediate shaft w/damper, power rack, power disk brakes, serpentine belt/pully system by Bill's Hot Rod Componants, 2.25" aluminized flowmaster exhaust system installed by Imperial Muffler, driveline by Santa Maria Driveline Service.....  Everything on the driveline and frame is powdercoated for durability. 

engine compartment details

Nice engine compartment, huh?  I was able to pull off a fairly sanitary installation of the Vintage Air A/C & heating system.  I also welded up holes and smoothed out the firewall.

underneath our project

A view of the underside from the back.  Pretty neat and tidy, eh?

Go HERE for pictures of the finished car!

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