This truck was in all original condition except for the wheels and tires.  It had the original suspension and 6-cyl motor along with the "3 on the tree" shifting.  It was given a cheap paint job many years ago and the paint was badly oxidized. 

This panel wagon badly needed suspension and brakes help so I did some work so it would be easier and safer to drive.  It is an old truck and rides like an old truck but it is REAL neat!  The new owner is having a ball with it! 

Things I did to this F-100 include:

New starter
Generator tests OK
New brake cylinders and pads.  
2 new brake drums and we turned down 2. 
pack grease in all wheel bearings
New battery, newer cables
Replace kingpins and spring shackle pins (all)
Partially rebuild steering box (sector shaft bushings/seals, adjust and fluid change)
Tune up motor (spark plugs, wires, distributor, filters, oil etc)
Carb rebuilt
Buff and wax exterior, complete detail inside and out

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