Internet Access is a businesses that I represent who's purpose is to provide you with the type of internet service that will best suit your needs. is a web hosting company designed for businesses needing a place to house their web site in a secure environment.  

Information about the company follows and I can help you get set up, online and surfing like a pro in a flash.

I am also a reseller for Internet Communications (IcomTM) which is one of the leading web hosting providers in the industry.  Specifically, Icom provides a host of features specific for business and E-commerce sites at a very affordable price.  They do not provide Internet Dial-up Access.  You can sign up online by clicking the logo below or call me to get the following services: 

- Domain (YourName.Com) - 45 MB web server space
- 1 POP e-mail account - Unlim. e-mail forwarding
- Unlim. Traffic/hits/updates - High-speed connections
- Your own cgi-bin directory - Microsoft� FrontPage 2000
- Access to our CGI Library - Access to our JAVA Library
- No hidden charges or fees! - All for $8.25/mo.

"Our price - service ratio is hard to beat by any competitor.  It is our mission to keep our Internet services and hosting packages open to everyone at an affordable price.  No matter if you are just starting out on the Internet or if you are the webmaster of a Fortune 500 company, Icom has the right solution for you.  We combine web hosting, a high-speed dedicated connection, and e-commerce solutions all under one "virtual roof."

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