Blob 3-D Custom Paint Job

This Sheetmetal is For Sale ~ $4000

Call me at (925) 586-6420

This is a brand new set of Harley Davidson sheetmetal that has never been installed on a bike that I painted.  It fits a Heritage Softail with a Springer front end.  After doing the normal bodywork and paint prep, I painted Medusa Grey for a base, then used 9 different colors to make small colorfull dots and followed up with a light misting of white pearl over the top (I wanted to give it somewhat of a "jawbreaker" look).

For the "blob" graphic, I outlined and masked off the shapes, sprayed silver then mixed up and sprayed the green Kandy followed up by outlining the blob shape with a bright blue kandy (the green I mixed up to be like the watermellon flavoured Jolly Rancher candy).  I over reduced some black and sprayed on a drop shadow, clear coated, pinstriped, clear coated again and then color sanded and buffed to give it all a nice show quality finish.

What I really like about this is the fact that it looks equally nice from across the parking lot or from one foot away!  You can see "through" the drop shadow and the kandies give the effect that the blob is actually dimensional.  The bulbous shapes seem to be above the background.

All materials used are catalyzed and fully compatible with eachother.  I used the GLASURIT 54-line base-coat/clear-coat paint system and everything has been baked at 140 degrees for 45 mins as per the manufacturers recommendations.

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