This picture shows the electric wiring, battery and airbox installed, the rear wheel and enclosed chain, rear fender, toolbox, foot controls, tail light etc.

I'm smiling because all the Aluminum & Stainless Steel parts have been polished to a high luster and this thing is really starting to look like a motorcycle once again! (check out my '32 in the back of the shop)

Here I am installing the front wheel after rebuilding and installing the triple clamps and fork assembly.

Not much left from here...

At this point, all that is needed is to repair and refinish the headlight bucket and install.  All of the wires sticking out go into a junction block that sits inside the headlight bucket.  The owner did NOT want turn signals so I had to make up something as they actually attach the bucket to the brackets on the forks.  The wheels were put together at Buchanon's with new Stainless Steel spokes and nipples after the rims and drums were painstakenly polished, then painted on the inside as original.

Voila! It is finally done!

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