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I have completed several projects specifically involving chassis and driveline issues and am available to help you out on your project if need be.  Below please find before and after shots of several of these projects.  They range from simply cleaning up and repainting the existing chassis etc. to completely upgrading all components in the suspension, brakes, engine, steering, transmission and rear end.  A brief explanation of each project follows.

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1948 Ford F-1 Chassis

This is a 1948 Ford F-1 pickup truck.  The picture above shows the existing chassis after the cab, front clip and bed had been removed.  What a mess!   The motor is a 400 pontiac with a Turbo 400 transmission.  It turns out that the front suspension was originally from a Pacer!  The owner stated that the motor ran great but the suspension was way stiff and too low.  He also commented on a lack of brakes and a poorly shifting transmission. 

1948 Ford F-1 Chassis after I got done with it

This picture shows the chassis after I got through with it.  Nice change, huh?  I pulled the motor and replaced the freeze plugs and all exterior gaskets.  While the motor was out, I replaced all of the brake lines and hoses, painted the frame, replaced the front springs with more suitable ones, bead blasted the intake manifold, rebuilt the carb, replaced the valve covers and air filter, installed new bushings and ball joints, blasted and repainted the headers and sent out the transmission for a rebuild.  The U-joints were replaced and the drive shaft, motor and transmission were repainted.  The motor was tuned up with new hoses, plugs, wires etc and the alternator was rebuilt.

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38 Chevy as we got it....

This is a 1938 Chevy that had been previously butchered with some kind of truck suspension (note the springs where they were heated up and bent to lower the vehicle).  A small block Chevy is in place... Pretty gross.

1938 Chevy

Here is the updated version...  The only original parts here are the frame rails.  After removing all of the cross members, suspension and motor etc, I installed a Heit's Hot Rod Shop front cross member and suspension kit.  The power brakes and power steering were a nice complement to the independent front suspension with disk brakes up front.  The motor is a Chevy crate 300 hp 350 bolted up to a 700 R4 trans.  The rear end is a narrowed and rebuilt Ford 9".  This is a real deluxe setup with EVERYTHING new and powder coated or polished.  The car sits and drives right.  You can read more about this complete project by clicking HERE.

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1952 MG "TD" Chassis as delivered

Above is a 1952 MG "TD" sans body that was brought in for a complete ground up restoration.  A slimey, greasy mess for sure.  The motor had good compression with only 46K miles and ran very well so basically we rebuilt everything except that.

The completed chassis and driveline

As you can see, things look a bit more tidy, don't you think?   Everything has been rebuilt (except the motor) and repainted or powder coated.   This restored chassis will complement the body that went on top and the owner can be rest assured that it is not going to rust out or not work correctly after all the money he put into the body restoration.  You can see more details on this project by clicking HERE.

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