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The internet is full of folks who want to know what you have to offer and possibly make a purchase from you.  However, these same people want to get what they need RIGHT NOW and are simply impatient and harshly judgmental.  Your web site MUST be easy and straight forward to get around in.  If they don't like what they see, C-YA!  It's off to another website.  The trick here is to make sure that potential customers will WANT to look around your site now, bookmark your page(s) and then come back every now and again.   Maybe it is to get your information or to see what's new, maybe spend some money!   Below find some of the web building services that I offer.

Mild to Wild, Simple to Fantastic, std pages or "frames", 1 page or 100+ pages
Graphics, Text, Artistic Text, Animations, Banners, Buttons, Marquee...
Photographic images: Your pictures scanned and added to your website
Photography Services:  Your product(s) professionally photographed
Background images: Designed to your specifications (graphic or photo)
Company Logos: Custom designed for you. Examples HERE

Allow me to design you a web site to suit your tastes (sorry, no pornographic content) and promote your business, product or interest...  A small one page internet "brochure" or a HUGE catalog like E-Commerce site can be built to sell your product or promote your message.

If you are worried about distance between you and me.... DON'T!  If you are far away, we can communicate entirely by Email and phone calls.  Once I get an idea of what you would like to see, I will put something together for you using my web space.  Then we can talk some more and I will gladly make changes for you.  Once you and i are happy with our project, I will upload it onto your web space.  Remember, I work for you and if I can't give you what you need or make you happy, I'll give you your money back! 

(Please note that there are literally thousands of graphics and animations currently available plus whatever you and I can dream up for use on your web site.  Also, any picture can be used as a background like some of the other pages on this site) 

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