Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for you to build me a website?
As little as a hundred bucks.  I charge by the hour and I provide a written estimate that each of us will sign for my services.  You will NOT pay any more than you previously agreed to for my services (per job) that we have contracted to.

What are your hourly rates and fees?
I offer competitive rates based on complexity and size of the job.  ~ Please give me a call to discuss things at (925)256-4678.   The best time to reach me is M-F between the hours of 8:00am to 6:00pm PST but you can call anytime and leave a message, I will call you back.

What does it cost to have a website on the internet?
Getting an internet service provider that is right for you is simple and affordable.  Once we determine what kind of service(s) you are going to need choosing the right plan is a snap!  Feel free to click on the icom logo below to sign up online!  You can still feel free to call me for additional information if you desire.

How long will it take before I see my website on the internet?
As little as a few hours if we do a simple design.  Larger complex websites may take several days or even weeks to get ready to go online.  Call me and we can discuss...

What is your guarantee?
I guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with my work or I will refund your money back (except any consulting fees already paid).  Once we have talked about what you want to happen and provided me with all of the information & images etc that I will need, I keep working until you tell me that it is everything you expected and more!  

Please feel free to contact any of the business owners who have previously hired me and ask them if they are completely satisfied with my work!

What if I want to make some changes or additions to my website tomorrow, months or years from now?
No problem.  Contact me via email or phone and I can make those changes for you from wherever I am.  That's the beauty of the internet, I can be here in San Luis Obispo, or anywhere on this planet to access my Email and anything on the internet.

What happens to my website if want to switch ISP's or I move and have to switch?
No problem.  If you move out of state or have to change providers, I will set up the same thing for you with your new internet provider in as little as 15 mins.  Remember, I keep a copy of your website on my computer so uploading to a different URL is very easy and quick to do.

What if I already have an ISP but want to switch to Icom or OneMain?
Switching from your existing ISP is easy, I will make your transition painless!  Call me with your questions and to sign you up! 
Did you know that both OneMain & Icom's technical support staffs are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to provide toll-free assistance?

How do I get the word out so that people can find my web site?  Everything is explained on the "Site Promotion" page on this web site.  I can easily and inexpensively promote your web site by submitting your information to more than 1000 top ranked search engine & link sites.  Then anyone will be able to "find" you when they do a search for sites like yours.

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