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Have you ever gone to a site, bookmarked it and then gone back to your favorites folder and noticed that it has a different and unique icon next to the name instead of that little "E with the paper behind it" icon like all the rest?  The picture below is a folder in my favorites file, see the icons?

A few savvy web masters have done this so that the viewer's eye will catch that specific bookmark in their L_O_N_G favorites list.  In other words, that little icon makes that site stand out.  Later, when you click on that site, you then notice that the cool little icon is now up in front of the address in the menu bar!  See the Dunlop Flying D next to the URL in the address bar below?  Very COOL!

Ever wonder how you could get a little icon of your own for YOUR site?  Well, I know the trick!  I can design you an eye catching icon for your site and make the same magic work for you.  Call me for pricing details.....  Below are some of the icons that I have already created for customers to give you an idea what can be done....

This trick ONLY works in Microsoft Explorer web browsers

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