TOM HOUSEWORTH prepared Super Stock motor

For Sale ~ $4500


* hand picked cases, barrels, head etc from SUZUKI
* Forks and FOX shock reworked by Jim Lindemann
* 1 mm oversized pistons ~ 771cc's total
* DYNOJET Jet kit including emulsifiers
* head & valve work per SUPERSTOCK rules.
* slotted / degreed cams etc.
* TK3 racing bodywork
* Graves Motorsports ferring bracket & case saver
* New Stortz steering dampener
* Daytona digital temperature gauge
* Kerker K45 exhaust
* Braided steel brake lines
* RK GY520-XO o-ring racing chain
* Polished (& straight) Frame and Swing Arm
* AFAM sprockets
* Milled rear brake disks
* Traksport case end
* 1/4 turn fasteners & custom brackets
* Ignition advancer
* Drilled & wired
* All new bearings in swingarm pivot, headset and wheels
* Aluminum wheel bearing spacers
* Speed-o drive replaced with custom Aluminum spacer
* Professional paint job (expensive!!)
* Wheels are powder coated


* gearing
* Kerker White Tip exhaust can (new)
* hand and foot controls (complete sets)
* Clipons
* shock and fork springs
* master cylinder
* ferring brackets
* case savers
* stock exhaust system
* plus whatever else I have accumilated over the years for this bike......

  This bike is fast, competitive, reliable and very rideable.  The package offered is a complete turn-key racebike.  Step up to the 750 class or if you don't have your license, go get it and GO RACING.  The bike was last raced in the 1997 WSMC Toyota Gold Cup Unlimited Formula 1 class.  It is also legal for racing in the 750 Superstock, 750 Modified Production and 750 Superbike classes.  Chuck Graves set a 750 SS class track record at Willow Springs in 1993 aboard this bike.

  I am relunctantly offering this bike for sale to offset the cost of a Formula Singles race bike that *I GOTTA HAVE* as single cylinder racing is where I am heading and most comfortable.

  I want $4500 cash for it as is or $5000 with the addition of another set of powdercoated wheels including a cush drive, both front disks and 1 rear disk. Of course, the extra set of wheels have new bearings with aluminum spacers along with a milled rear disk.

  I will consider all interesting trades (up or down) but am particularly interested in vintage roadracing motorcycles (all brands) NO JUNK PLEASE!

  Once you see this bike, you will have to have it!

This is how the bike currently looks (w/# 18)
COLORS:  1996 Mustang Teal, Caution Yellow, White w/white pearl number plates.
Glasurit 54-Line Base coat/clear coat system

Call (925)586-6420 or send an email if you would like to discuss this bike

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