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My name is Steve Allen.  Although my professional resume is available for the asking, I thought that I'd provide a brief overview.  I have a varied background starting off with my college career at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA graduating in 1985.  My first real job was at Northern Telecom in Santa Clara as a Manufacturing Engineer.  I then taught Industrial Technology at the Jr and Sr High levels, then opened my restoration shop (Progressive Auto Art) where I built street rods and restored classic cars and bikes.  I started building commercial websites on the side in '97 and still maintain some today.  

After selling my shop in early '99, I  took some time off from reality for a year and built some more websites, as well as working on a few project cars and bikes.  I was a guest teacher many times at several of the local schools.  I also took on an odd assortment of jobs including being hired to repossess vehicles, misc repairs to street rods and vintage motorcycles and tutoring children.  After getting married and moving up to the SF Bay Area, I got a job teaching woodworking and mechanical drawing.  Not wanting to get completely out of the restoration business, I started and began selling parts for vintage Ducati motorcycles.  I have been active to promote and organize various Italian motorcycle shows and do odd restoration jobs as needed.

Anyways, here are some personal bits of info and some pictures of me, my wife and my family.

The seldom seen Zen Dude of ANNACAPA

I am Steve Allen, born in Oakland, California USA.  May 1962.  I enjoy spending time with my wife, Efthalia as well as Ducati motorcycles, Motorcycle Roadracing, Ocean Kayaking, Cycling (on/off road & touring), Rock Climbing, Hiking, X-C ski trips and Backpacking.

My Future Wife, Efthalia
My beautiful wife EFTHALIA!

Steve and Samie

The puppy's name is Samie and I got her from the pound in early 1997 ~ a couple of months after my old dog TERA died.

My Family: Scott, Jason, Margie, Jillian, David, Laurie, Me, Mom and dad in the South of France
My Family & I vacationing in the South of France

(I'm the tall guy in back)

Kayaking in Morro Bay with Samie onboard    THe Diving Board on Half Dome in Yosemite, CA.
Kayaking in Morro Bay w/Samie;    The top of Half Dome, Yosemite, CA

FE on her Kayak in Morro Bay, CA.
Efthalia on her Kayak in Morro Bay.

Climbing is FUN!
Climbing in Yosemite, CA

FE is really quite the climber       poser shot halfway up DAFF dome in Tuolume Meadows, Yosemite, CA.
Efthalia at The Quarry, Morro Bay, CA; 
Me on Daff Dome, Tuoloume Meadows, CA

My old friend TERA who died a couple of years ago
My old dog, TERA

THE FLAKE boulder problem in Yosemite California
Climbing The Flake, Yosemite, CA

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