Web Site Maintenance

Once I have built your website for you, you have a few choices.  You can relax and leave it alone or you can make occasional changes, or "updates".   Most people will come back to a web site if they know that there will be something new for them to see.  If they come back and it is always the same, they might move on and never come back.   If there is new product, information etc, they will spend more time and possibly money at your site.  The following are some areas that I recommend to get occasional attention 

   Add pictures, stories, concepts, products, links
  Update stale links to other sites & add new links
  Add additional pages with new information, concepts, pictures & details
  Remove old or "stale" stories, pictures, pages & products etc
   Add a feedback form, real time clock, or other java script goodies!

Basically, the norm is to build up a site, show your friends and other professionals and ask them what they think about what has been created.  Spend some time thinking about it for awhile and come up with some other concepts you would like to try.  Print out your website and hang it up on the wall, think about it some more and MAKE A LIST of what you like and dislike!  Then lets make it happen.  Most webmasters will make occasional changes to keep their viewers wanting to come back every now and again to see what's new...

Misc Services

Below is a list of specific web based "services" that I am available for. 

  Looking for a job?  I can create and post your resume' on your website, mine or wherever you want (there are many resume' banks out there).
  Trying to sell a vehicle, house or...?  I can create and post a FOR SALE add on my site, your site and/or any internet classifieds that exist.
  In need of sponsorship and trying to promote your race program?  Check out my race site HERE and then you decide...  Sponsors want to know that they will be represented and presentation is EVERYTHING as you know.
  Want to put your company's brochure on the internet?    You already spent countless hours designing it and you know it works.  Let's just take it that next step and make it work better!  I can take that already designed and expensive brochure and post it on the internet for you.
Graphic Design:  Hire me to design your company logo, brochure, poster, banner, business cards...
URL Submission:  I can submit your web site to the top search engines so that potential viewers can find you.  Please call for details and specials.

~ Please go HERE for some examples of r�sum�'s, for sale adds & complete web sites that I created ~

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