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Now that you have a real cool website, how do people find you amongst the hundreds of  thousands of web sites out there?  If someone goes to a search engine like Yahoo, Northern Lights, Lycos etc they are going to type in a keyword or two that has something to do with what they are looking for.  The search engine looks through it's data base and pops out a bunch of web addresses (URL's) that are relative to those words.  How did they get those addresses? 

Someone submitted the information to those search engines....

an_new_sm_icon.gif (26402 bytes) I can now submit your URL and site information to more than 1050 of the biggest search engines, link sites, mailing lists an award sites.  New search engine sites are being added to the list as they come up.  Sure, you can manually go to each search engine site and fill out the form, but you will be doing it forever.  And, as soon as you finish up the list, you should start over and re-submit after a month or so.  Whew!  That would be a lot of work.

You can hire me to take care of that chore for you.  I have a new program that does this chore automatically once all of your web site features have been loaded into it.  Here are a few different options I have put together that you can choose from:

  • OPTION 1 (a one time setup fee of $20 will be charged)
    $35 ~ first submission session (submit to all 1050 sites)
    $30 ~ second submission session a month or so later
    $25 ~ each add'l submission session (as often & as many as you like)

  • OPTION 2 (a one time setup fee of $20 will be charged unless previously paid)
    $125 ~ 6 submission sessions (w/in 1 year) = $21.83 each!

You will receive a report from me each time I run this program for you.  Also, you will get Email confirmations from some if not most of the search engine sites sent to you direct as they receive your web site information.  This way, you will know that I am doing what you hired me to do!  Some sites can take up to 3 weeks to list your site information.  It is cheap and much more easy to do it this way than to try to do it all your self.

What about those sites that don't allow software driven submissions?  Sites like Yahoo, Google, AOL etc can only be submitted to the old fashioned way - by hand.  The setup fee covers these submissions so you know that all bases will be covered.

How often is often enough?  Most agree that simply submitting your web site information once will not cut it.  There are literally thousands of new web sites being listed each day.  To stay up on the top of the list (when you do a search) is important because most people only go to and check out the top listed web sites.  Being on the 5th or 6th page will get you nowhere!

It is common practice to submit the information, then re-submit a month later.  This should be followed up with re-submissions each month or so.  Monitor!  Go to the search engines and do a keyword search for your site.  Are you up near the top?  If not, time to re-submit again.   Basically, there are several key factors here, but the bottom line is that you MUST keep re-submitting your site as it begins to fall down.

How do I go about hiring you to do this?  Simple.  Decide which option you want and how often you want to follow up, call me to discuss then send me a check or you can pay me via PayPal.  You will also need to Email me your URL and I will get the meta tags (what the search engine looks for) off of it. 

What, no meta tags?  I can go through your site and optimize your page(s) so that the search engines will have all the right stuff to look for.  If we are submitting a website that I built, then it has been designed with all of the correct meta tags and is ready to go!

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