Misc Motorcycle Fotos

Rather than scan about a thousand pictures, I chose to simply put a little assortment that I have taken over the years of some of my friends doing what they love to do.  These pictures show some of many different views that can be taken.  Pictures like these are great to include in sponsorship proposals and to post on your web site... I send them out as postcards at Christmas time!

WSMC Manager Kenny Kopecky aboard his superbike at WSIR

Randy Bereman at San Jose

Larry Schnur on his Supermono at WSIR

I have no idea who these knuckleheads are, but they are in The Omega at WIR

David Wasson (Cabo Wabo Racing) at WSIR

George  Toepfer in front of the Budweiser Balcony, WSIR

Some nuts riding over a moving car during the Del Mar Motorcycle Days

James Likwar takes T2 at Sears Point during AHRMA competition

Fellow Tall-Man Kurtis Adams on his Formula 1 bike at WSIR

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