World Superbike~1995  Laguna Seca, CA.

I took the following pictures at the 1995 World Superbike round at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, Calif.  I had obtained press credentials through Performance Bikes and had total access around the pit and paddock.  I chose to present thumbnails here so you can choose which pics you want to see and then go there.  Click on any or all of them to go to a larger, image.  These pix represent but a few of my favorites after shooting 17 rolls...

PLEASE:  I share these with you for viewing purposes only.  They are NOT to be copied, printed or otherwise distributed in any fashion.  All pics are the sole property of STEVE ALLEN aka: FROGMAN FOTO.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy or a high quality enlargement, please send me a note or call me. eMail:   Steve @   (925)586-6420.

Thank you and ENJOY these pics!

A couple of the Mikuni Calander girls on Aarin Slight's RC-45 King Carl entering The Corkscrew Doug Toland, Turn 3 The Go-Show exiting Turn 11

Miguel takes the victory lap on the F3 Thomas Wilson leaving Turn 3

Troy Corser entering The Corkscrew Mike Hale entering Turn 3 Unobtainium bits and pieces

Freddie Spencer and Eraldo Ferracci Foggarty at Turn 7 "the wheelie hill" My hero, Mike Smith Mike Smith at The Wheelie Hill, Turn 7.

Mike Hale entering The Corkscrew Tiger Sohwa (what ever happened to this guy?) tastey unobtanium bits Miguel entering Turn 3

Miguel enters T3 Fast Freddie enters T3 Tom Kipp, outside shot T3 Troy Corser exits Turn 11

Troy Corser enters Turn 3 Mike Smith exits turn 11 Carl Foggerty enters turn 3

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