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After coming outta retirement and kicking ass last year, I decided to do the same this year.  In 2002, I raced with AHRMA at Sears Point along with selected sporadic races as I get time and energy.

Steve puttin in the laps at the 24 hr

Steve & his endurance team WAVELINE MOTORSPORTS clinched 3rd place in Medium Super Stock and 12th Overall in the 1999 WERA 24 hr National Endurance Road Race at WSIR! 
You haven't done NOTHING until you race at night.....

WSIR ~ The Fastest Road In The West

My racebikes include a 1982 HONDA Ascot FT500 and 1993 SUZUKI GSX-R750WP.  My "home track" is Willow Springs International Raceway, Rosamond California.  I race the FT500 in the 500 Singles, Formula Singles & Lightweight Vintage Dinosaur classes at WSMC events.  I also race the FT500 in the SUPERMONO 1 (formerly Supermono) and SUPERMONO 2 (formerly Sound Of Singles Formula 2) classes at select AHRMA events.  On the 750 I may occasionally run the Toyota Cup Unlimited Formula 1 Grand Prix, 750 Super Stock, Modified Production & Superbike classes as well.  

"Talk is cheap ~ Let's RACE!"

AHRMA action ~ Steve in T4 at Sears Point


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