Race Results ~ 2002

The 1st section describes all abbreviations used on this page.  The 2nd section lists my placings for each race (WSMC and AHRMA) competed in.  Click HERE to go to 2001 results, HERE to go to 1999 results, HERE to go to 1998 results, HERE to go to 1997 results.

2002 is starting out to be an excellent "come outta retirement again" year for me ~ 4 race starts so far and no DNF.  As of 5/1/02, I hold 1st place in the AHRMA Supermono 2 Championship Series. I won my first race of the year, making (2) 1st place finishes, (1) 6th place finish and (1) 7th place finish so far.  Only crashed once too!   For not racing in more than a year or for that matter, not even RIDING.... A good year so far indeed!

The following are my placings for each & all races entered:

AHRMA~Sears Pt, (sat)  Supermono 2 = 1st,   Supermono 1 = 7th
AHRMA~Sears Pt, (sun) Supermono 2 = 1st,   Supermono 1 = 6th

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