1983 Yamaha XT 550 For Sale
Street Legal enduro motorbike

Private Party Ad posted 4/14/02


This is a perfect light weight starter bike or back street/trail blaster for the experienced rider. inexpensive fun. You can be the wheelie king in the neighborhood...

Asking $XXX or best offer, come check it out and lets talk. This is not an old piece of junk, you will not be disappointed..


Steve Allen at Bevel Heaven

YAMAHA XT 550 - lots of recent work done on this bike to make it a_very_good deal for someone. Only 5800 mile showing, very clean.

* tune up yesterday - oil/filters/UNI filter/plug....
* carb(s) just rebuilt yesterday (yeah it is a single with 2 carbs!)
* forks rebuilt last week - new seals, MOTUL fork oil, booties
* Battery a few months ago
* grips, levers, bars upgraded a few months ago
* tubes replaced last week
* seat re covered last week

* spare rear wheel and new spokes (half way to having 2 sets of wheels, one for motoX the other for street...)
* factory manual and factory maintenance manual
* extra set of street tires and extra set of knobbies (plus knobbies on bike)
* 2 exhaust systems (supertrapp installed, stock pipe included)