BULTACO "METRALLA" GTS 250, Model #203
(917 orig miles!)

The original owner brought this rare GTS 250 Metralla to me for a complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration.  He said that when he saw it up in the dealer's window so long ago, he just HAD to have it!  He rode it around for awhile, seized the motor and crashed it.  The bike was wheeled back into his barn where it sat until earlier this year when he "found" it again and asked me to "do something" with it...  

The pictures below show various steps of the teardown, rebuilding & final restoration process of this original Metralla.  This bike is now complete and running. 

BTW, if you are restoring one of these beauties, I have made complete decal sets which I am offering up for sale.   Pricing information and other details are HERE.  I have also broken this section up into several pages.... ENJOY!

As delivered.......

The bike as it arrived after being stored in the back of a barn; bent, complete, but not running.

This little 250 would do over 100mph in it's day.

All the exterior rubber was dried out toast!

The bike is completely disassembled here.  Parts is parts as they say, now what to do...  Good organization and notes are key to the success of getting an old bike taken apart and put back together CORRECTLY once everything has been restored

This is a picture of the original sidecovers.  We knew that we were going to repaint the tank and sidecovers and these decals were NOT available.... so we had several sets made. (See below)

Decal set for the Metralla

If you would like to purchase a decal set, please check THIS out...

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