Bultaco METRALLA Model 203, GTS-250

These decal sets are complete and as original, to scale and now available for $65 a set retail (+ Ca Sales tax which is currently 8.75%). If you click HERE, you will see pictures of the originals that I started off with to use as models. 

When we made these, it was EXTREMELY important that they be made as close to perfect as possible.  I built this bike for the owner to ride and also to show...  This specific model is pretty rare and no one was making a decal set specific to this bike, so we did!

If you would like to purchase a decal set, please give me a call at (925) 798-2385.  They are actually quite good even though this picture doesn't exactly show off the detail... 

The complete decal set includes everything you need:

(1) made in spain
(1) 250
(2) gas tank stripes
(2) side cover stripes
(2) GTS

All are to scale, as original, black with a silver metallic fill.  The GTS has 3 colors (black, silver & white).  You will also get a detailed plan as to where exactly each decal goes based on my original measurements from this bike if you request it with your order.  Quantity discounts are available.

Here is the completed bike with my decals

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